A robust transportation network is essential to strong economic activity in the region.

In 2010, I organized broad community support for the Corridor Cities Transitway (CCT)
Supplemental Environmental Assessment. This supported the approval and implementation of
the Great Seneca Science Corridor Master Plan resulting in the development of 17.5 million
square feet of commercial development, 9,000 multi-family housing units while maintaining a
high quality of life.


here’s an improvement in our infrastructure, specifically transportation, so that our
residents are spending more time at home than on our roads;

dedicated funding for WMATA? Yes

  • Do you support widening and adding express toll lanes on I-270? I support the widening.
  • Do you support the light-rail Purple Line on the Master Plan alignment? Yes
  • Do you support the Corridor Cities Transitway? Yes
  • Do you support construction of M83? Yes
  • Have you or do you support maintaining and funding transportation projects that are
    included in Master Plans? Yes
  • What other projects/ideas do you support to improve the regional transportation network?

I will continue to support the Corridor Cities Transitway, I will also like to look at a Rapid Transit Bus
along the 355 corridor, and of course support funding of Metro.


must remain relevant in a competitive regional and global marketplace.

  • Did you or would you have supported the 2016 property tax increase? Yes
  • Did you or would you have supported the 2016 recordation tax increase? Yes
  • Did you or would you have supported the continuation of the 100% increase in the Fuel

Energy Tax that goes to the Montgomery County General Fund? I know that we have already
reduced the Energy Tax by about 30% . I will be willing to reduce it even further if we have the funds
available to offset it.

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