Started my own women and minority-owned business

We remain a business community in need of more resources; capital, tech, and human resources to
expand our investment and hiring capabilities, as well as more educational opportunities for individuals to
increase their earning potential. The County can facilitate existing programs to help expand individual and
start-up stability and long-term success. This can ensure Montgomery County continues to be the thriving,
diverse community we all love.

Improve facilitating economic opportunities for small businesses in the County, including maintaining
their competitive edge by looking into excessive regulation.

Another way to facilitate increased economic activity, is to help reinforce against the effects of a
roller-coaster economy. As a member of County Council, I hope to play a strong role into
increasing County – Minority Business contracting. I think we can find qualified contractors that
would save County dollars, which would offset costs and provide greater stability in the long
run. We must do a better job of matching our spending on infrastructure with businesses within
the County.

I am a supporter of the $15 minimum wage by 2020,

Helped with Wheaton Redevelopment Plan by facilitating inclusion of the minority-owned
businesses into that redevelopment process

supported the Planning Board’s recommendations for the Bethesda Downtown Sector Plan

Hired by the Ana G Mendez University of Puerto Rico to establish a University campus in Wheaton, MD

Development of the Welcome Back Program of the Latino Health Initiative. Helped establish an
accredited Nursing Program within the University to enable nursing students graduate.

Montgomery County has the largest concentration of biotech businesses, these are primarily in the
Gaithersburg area. In order to continue the success of this industry in the County, we need to maintain
the Research and Development (R&D) tax credits as the incentives to continue to spur growth. Many of
our efforts today in creating jobs focus on those highly-skilled, highly-paid STEM jobs, and the R&D tax
credits are a very helpful tool to grow this industry. I am a supporter of the R&D Tax credits.

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