Graciela Rivera-Oven

Where is Graciela-Rivera-Oven today 26 June 2018 | Donde esta Graciela Rivera-Oven hoy 26 de Junio 2018.

Family | Community | Respect

Also known as Grace Rivera Oven campaign. The words Family, Community and Respect have been my guiding principles as a life-long resident of Montgomery county and with your help and support they will be the guiding progressive democratic principles of my work as your At-Large Councilmember.


I learned the meaning of Family from my single-mother, Graciela, who came here as an immigrant from Bolivia. She showed me how hard-work and love can overcome most obstacles. As a mother and wife , My husband Mark and I,  have instilled that sense of Family into our three children who we are very proud of: Our daughter Amalia is on her way to pre-med, my oldest son Marko is a volunteer first-responder and my youngest son Christian is a rising high school junior and a handful. I understand first-hand the challenges multi-generational families face to remain strong and achieve all Montgomery county offers. I have seen these challenges play out in the lives of countless families in our county too. I have devoted almost thirty years as an unpaid community activist and volunteer to be a voice for Montgomery county families. In 1990, as a twenty year-old student, I fought for the rights of two brothers injured and killed by a speeding police vehicle through no fault of their own. My advocacy spearheaded changes in state law to compensate people hurt by government vehicles. Three decades later, I continue to fight, including getting legal and medical assistance to victims of the deadly Flower Branch Apartment explosion.  I did not need titles or positions to do this. I just needed the desire and will to do the right thing. I will be a tireless champion for families as your progressive democratic At-Large Councilmember.

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